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Saying goodbye to single use plastic!

As I approach 2 years with my brand I thought it was important we made the right move forwards in terms of being consciously aware. Introducing our 100% recyclable & 100% FSC certified packaging. With these changes we have been able to cut out 90% of the plastic in our packaging, practicing responsible consumerism. In coming weeks w e will also be removing all dispatch notes from packaging which will help to combat paper waste. By doing this we can reduce paper waste by 20KG a month! Not to bore you with the number crunching but crazy right ?? But thats not all; Were marking our mark and introducing 100% recycled silver into our product development. By using recycled silver we can dramatically reduce co2 emissions, water usage and other emission intensive mining properties plus no purity is lost within the silver - win win! By keeping our product portfolio small ...

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Swarovski Pearl Earrings: Fashions Most Timeless Jewellery Trend

Its no secret pearl earrings have been trending since the start of fashion. From ancient Greek royals to cultured pearls created by K. Mikimoto in Japan in 1893. To the icon Coco Chanel using layers of pearls draped over her shoulders in portraits in 1936 to Audrey Hepburn playing HollyGolighty at Breakfast at Tiffanys where we see an unforgettable outfit featuring a black Givenchydress and multi strand pearl necklace, similar to Coco Chanels only 25 years later. Throughout the21st century pearl earrings have been in and out of fashion, especially pearl studs. The simple andelegant style seems to never date, whatever the year, you will most likely see them drop in an out ofyour local high street shops or pop on the jewellery section at your favourite online stores, accordingto the season. In particular Swarovski pearl earrings have been super popular over the past few years. Bringing ane...

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A Few Quick Tips About Swarovski Silver Rings

A few quick tips on your Swarovski Silver RingsA/W trends are in full swings this month and with these heat waves and summer on the way, weknow how annoying rings can get. To simplify it for you, weve created some top tips for styling yourSwarovski rings in these lighter months. Whether its a Swarovski silver ring, multiple Swarovski ringsor one solid beauty you can trust us when it comes to style. Versatility is trendy this year and we arehere for it. Swarovski rings are a perfect way to express your individuality, style and fashion. Were giving you the low down on creating that sought-after Swarovski ring stack! Experimentation is key. Know your colour. Everyone has a colour that suits him or her but Swarovskisilver rings are a great way to start. Silver generally is a popular colour that suits most skin tones, sowith silver, we know you cant go too wrong! When it comes to Swarovski ri...

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What is so special about Swarovski crystal bracelets?

In this blog, I thought wed talk about Swarovski jewellery since we are a certified stockist of Swarovski. Why not get to the nitty and gritty of it Whats so special about Swarovski jewellery, but in particular, Swarovski bracelets. Swarovski bracelets have been seen as a luxury gifted item for years. They would be a treat yourself moment or an occasion purchase. But as times change and fashion shifts, the statement Swarovski crystal bracelet you would have worn at your mums birthday party or out with your friends is becoming an everyday staple piece. The jewellery market for Swarovski bracelets in the UK is an ever-growing niche with multiple designs being developed every other day. Here at JustNaadiyas, weve tried to bring you the best of the best designs as we know youd love them. Swarovski bracelets are a quality investment piece you will love, and our customers do. Since stoc...

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Is Swarovski Jewellery valuable and good quality?

If you never heard of Swarovski or have come about it but were not sure about the brand, then you have come to the right place. Swarovski jewellery is well known for its high quality, clarity and designs. The polishing and coating added to the crystals make it of a similar brilliance to diamonds. Swarovski jewellery has a range of designs, including signature styles such as the Swan available in Swarovski earrings, a Swarovski crystal bracelet or even a solid home decor object. The world-renowned brand is stocked all over the world, making it accessible to all. Here at Just Naadiyas, as a stockist of Swarovski, we have made it super easy to shop your fave Swarovski jewellery. Choose from a range of designs, including many styles of Swarovski rings , both stone set and eternity. Not to mention, Swarovski earrings. Are you a stud or a drop girl Or both. Our earring collection is j...

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All you need to know when it comes to buying Pearl Earrings

Were giving you the ultimate down low on all things pearl this season. Molluscs which produce natural pearls are super rare these days. Due to their rarity, they are no doubt on the pricier side when you do find them. This century were in the era of cultured pearls. Cultured pearl earrings usually derive from pearl farms and typically include some input from us. I think the real beauty in cultured pearls is the human design input we have into them; it allows us to recreate and add to designs, and that in itself is beautiful. If you are looking at something organic, original and does not include human touch, go for - Freshwater pearl earrings. Freshwater pearls are widely available across the jewellery market and include great value. You also have the option of sea-water pearls, derived from Tahitian sea beds (generally) and stunning in colour, but no real difference to your freshwa...

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Exquisite Sterling Silver Rings for Women

Express your style this year with our weekly growing sterling silver ring styles available to you. Choose from sterling silver metal, Rosegold, and yellow plated sterling silver rings . Whatever youre style, we most likely stock it! From eternity bands to emerald and round cut rings, the designs are endless. Naadiya herself designs our sterling silver ring range. Naadiya individually designs each ring down to the specific stone measurement to ensure the stone setting is perfect. With a team of highly trained individuals, Naadiya then develops her design into a cast iron sample before being produced for our forever growing customer base. Creating designs isnt always easy, and Naadiya takes inspiration from anything, her daily life, especially in the UKs lockdown, when we havent been able to travel. We have created sterling silver rings for special events such as Naadiyas birthday or ...

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